This isn’t really an “About” page–think of it instead as an “It’s About Time” page.

You see, after years of working with scores of intensely smart, dedicated, senior-level B2B marketers, I realized that it’s about time that they, that we, get the support, connections and, yes, respect that normally goes to our splashier, big-budget colleagues in B2C.  And it occurred to me that, if we’re going to get that, we’ll have to get it from each other.

So the B2B Brand Council was born.

Our aim? To create a space where we can share our experience, our questions, our real-world war stories–challenging ourselves to be the key strategic players our organizations need.

It all starts here, on this website, with articles and other content to inform, instruct and even inspire each other. And we hope to see it go much further.

Join us on the journey as we work to bring the very best to B2B marketing—and marketers.




Bob Domenz
Founder and Executive Director, The B2B Brand Council
CEO, Avenue